Who We Are 


We are a fraternal organization of individuals who work in the insurance related industry.


We are home office executives, field claims reps, auditors, underwriters, general adjusters, agents, brokers, investigators, contractors, regulators,appraisers, salvors, attorneys, engineers, and a host of others.


We meet socially, and not as a part of any insurance or industry group. Ourmutual link is the career experience we have in our chosen field.


Our formal name is the Honorable Order of The Blue Goose, International.

We have local groups, called Ponds, throughout the United States and Canada.


We are called Ganders. Our officers have titles such as Wielder of the GooseQuill, Guardian of the Pond, and Keeper of the Golden Goose Egg. We have asecret initiation ceremony.


Blue Goose offers much to do.


Every Pond has its own unique blend of members and of activities. Some Pondsmeet in the evenings, some meet at lunch time, and some mix it up. There arefund raisers to generate money for charity. There are dinner-dances golfoutings, and Christmas parties. There are educational seminars, speakers frommany backgrounds, and get-togethers with insurance commissioners and industryleaders. There are events involving multiple Ponds.


We hold an annual convention each Summer in a different city, each conventionhosted by a Pond which competed for the privilege.


Our convention is a family affair. Ganders bring their spouses and children.Activities are planned for Ganders, for non-Gander Spouses, and for thechildren.




Why We Do What We Do



We have each found reasons to give our time to Blue Goose when we all have other demands on our time.


There is fellowship.  We are a community of interest, experience,activity, and feeling. This community nature is something larger and yetmore intimate than a business association or networking group. We are genuine friends.


There is education.  Many of our Ponds have speakers on interesting andpractical topics. Some have certified continuing education programs. BlueGoose promotes IIA, IIC, and CPCU programs. Blue Goose presents annualawards for academic excellence to individuals earning the highest grades incompetitive IIA examinations. We continue to grow in our profession.


There is charity. The Ponds, each in its own way, provide needed supportfor a variety of charities. Some spread donations over several charities. Wehelp those in need.


There is leadership. When we give ourselves in the work of Blue Goose,and when we are elected to office in Blue Goose, we gain experience in newareas, Poise and confidence is gained in the administration of activitiesand in the management of others. We acquire leadership skills.


These are Not All the Benefits



These are not all the benefits of membership, but they provide you anidea of what we’re about. Far better than any pamphlet or website is a visitto a Pond as a guest of one of our Ganders.


Most members of the insurance community areeligible for membership. The full spectrum of the field is represented inour Ganders. This is one of our strengths. In a relaxed atmosphere, thePonds provide Ganders a place in which to take the pulse of their industry.


We want you to visit with us, to meet with the Ganders, and to find outfor yourself about our organization, Blue Goose.


You will find character, charity, and fellowship in abundance.